Sinus Pain. Pressure. Congestion.

Sore Throat. Headaches. Earache. Nasal Pain. Trouble Sleeping.

You know the symptoms. You’ve been suffering for months (or even longer). Pressure. Pain. Stagnation. Drainage. You want to break the cycle of failed medical treatments, but you’re unsure of what to do next.

Sinusitis is a painful condition which occurs when the sinuses swell. This swelling can block mucus from draining, which can lead to bacteria, viruses, and fungus growth inside the sinuses, causing pain, discomfort and trouble breathing.

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The team of Ear, Nose and Throat specialists at Southern Indiana ENT believe in a unique, individual approach to patient care. Our staff is ready to offer you state-of-the-art sinus care treatment options.

Convenient services such as our in-office CT scanner and surgery suite equipped with image guidance capability mean no trips to the hospital, greater convenience and quality of care for our patients.

Sinus Pressure, Pain, Congestion\

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Sinusitis affects 35 million Americans every year. Don't suffer with sinusitis or allergy symptoms. Lasting relief is within reach.

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Having had the balloon dilation procedure, my sinuses, my quality of life has improved significantly. The night time coughing is gone. I don't have the sinus drainage that I had prior to the procedure, as well as that heaviness, constant feeling of pressure in my sinuses.

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