Safe, Instant Relief for Sinusitis Sufferers in Columbus, IN

Over one million patients have been treated safely with the minimally-invasive Balloon Sinuplasty in-office procedure.

Balloon sinus dilation is a clinically-proven option that instantly improves sinus sufferers’ quality of life.

If you have been taking too many medications or antibiotics to treat painful chronic sinus infection symptoms, you may be a candidate for the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure.

Less invasive than traditional sinus surgery and effective at relieving symptoms of chronic sinusitis without cutting or nasal packing, Balloon Sinuplasty allows patients to return to normal activity with quick recovery time.

Many sinus sufferers believe that the only two options involve invasive surgery or continued medication therapy. However, you need real solutions that work for your lifestyle and on your budget.

In-Office CT Scan at Southern Indiana ENT

One of the best ways to diagnose sinus and ear problems is with a CT (computed tomography) scan (also known as a “CAT” scan).

MiniCAT™ is a compact, upright CT scanner specifically designed for the sinuses and ears. With MiniCAT™, getting a scan is quick, easy, and comfortable. Adult scans take 40 seconds and pediatric scans take only 20 seconds, and the radiation dose is much lower than sinus and ear scans taken on full-body CT scanners. With MiniCAT™, your doctor gets fully digital 3D images of your sinuses and ears, which gives results in instant access to the information needed to diagnose your problem.

In-Office CT Scan by Southern Indiana ENT

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