Sinus Infection Treatment in Columbus, IN

Sinus Infection

Do you have a stuffy nose or a cold that just won’t go away? You might have a sinus infection. Sinusitis, or sinus infection, occurs when the air cavities inside your nasal passages become infected, inflamed, or swollen. In general, the inflammation of these mucous membranes happens when there’s a blockage of the sinus. Even though the terms sinus infection and sinusitis are used interchangeably, you can experience sinusitis without infection.

Sinus Infection: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatments

The hallmark sinus infection symptoms and signs include nasal congestion(stuffy or runny nose), and pain, pressure, or fullness of the sinuses. You may also experience loss or decreased sense of smell, or nasal discharge similar top us.

Other common sinus infection symptoms are coughing, hoarseness, throat irritation or post-nasal drip, and bad breath (halitosis). Fatigue, facial pain or pressure, sinus headaches, and ear pressure are often commonly reported by patients.

Sinus infections occur due to nasal blockages that result in sinus inflammation. Anatomy, genetics, and the environment can lead to sinus blockage, but a likely cause can be the common cold or allergies.

Sinus Infection Risk Factors

You have an increased risk of getting a sinus infection if you have the following risk factors:

  • Nasal polyps (soft painless growths inside the nasal passages)
  • Asthma
  • Sensitivity to aspirin
  • Fungal infections
  • Tumors
  • Deviated nasal septum
  • Immune system disorders (e.g., HIV/AIDS)
  • Allergic conditions (e.g., hay fever)
  • Allergic conditions (e.g., hay fever)

How Is a Sinus Infection Diagnosed?

Generally, a sinus infection is diagnosed based on the patient’s history and a physical examination. If symptoms persist after sinus treatment options, an X-ray or CT scan may be performed. In some cases, blood tests or allergy testing may be performed.

At times, a tiny fiber-optic endoscope may be used to get a direct visualization of the patient’s sinuses, and a specimen may be acquired for culture and microscopic exams. Early detection and medication can help to alleviate symptoms and prevent the progression of the infection.

Sinus Infection Treatment by Southern Indiana ENT Sinus & Allergy

If you want safe, minimally invasive treatment for sinusitis, get in touch with Southern Indiana ENT in Columbus, IN. Southern Indiana ENT offers Balloon Sinus Dilation, or Balloon Sinuplasty, a safe and minimally-invasive treatment option for chronic sinusitis that can provide long-term relief. This treatment is ideal for patients who are tired of taking medications and antibiotics to treat painful sinus infection symptoms.

Balloon sinuplasty alleviates symptoms by restoring the natural flow of sinus passages. The sinus cavity is opened and cleaned, which results in long-term relief.

Ways to Prevent Sinus Infection

You can reduce your chances of developing sinusitis with proper hydration, nasal rinses, avoiding dry air and using steam inhalation, using decongestants sparingly, and elevating your head while sleeping. Be gentle with your nose and avoid excessive blowing.

Why Choose Southern Indiana ENT Sinus & Allergy?

Southern Indiana ENT has been deemed a Center of Excellence by Entellus Medical. As the patient, this means that you can receive effective sinus surgery and treatment as an in-office procedure. This enables our physicians to have more control and provide patients with convenient and cost-efficient sinus relief treatments.

If you’re suffering from sinus pain that won’t go away, call Southern Indiana ENT and request an appointment today!

Sinus Infection Treatment in Columbus, IN

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