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Lasting Relief for Sinus Pain, Headaches, and Trouble Sleeping.

Chronic Sinus Relief in Columbus, IN

After the procedure, I'm more able to wake up in the morning and get up and get moving quickly and exercise and not have to wait around a couple of hours to feel better. I am rested and ready to take on the day. I also recently went back to work after 14 years, part time working at an elementary school. My quality of life has drastically improved. If you would ask my husband, he would also share that same sentiment. He says he enjoys waking up in the middle of the night now just to watch me breathe because I'm breathing peacefully, and I'm sleeping. I'm not waking up many times during the night, or not waking him up many times during the night, with my inability to breathe. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone who's suffering with chronic sinus issues and allergies. It's life changing. It made a big difference in my life.

- Karen, wife and mother

Sinus Congestion Relief in Columbus, IN

Some of the symptoms that I felt prior to the procedure were sinus congestion, pressure, headaches, that sort of thing, and that was gone for the first time since I can remember. I felt better from day one. When I play on the floor with the grandkids, I don't get dizzy. Dizziness was something that was bothering me prior to the procedure, and it was kind of funny. I didn't really realize it was related to the sinuses until afterwards when the dizziness went away. Having had the balloon dilation procedure, my sinuses, my quality of life has improved significantly. The night time coughing is gone. I don't have the sinus drainage that I had prior to the procedure, as well as that heaviness, constant feeling of pressure in my sinuses. Without question I wholeheartedly recommend this. For the minor inconvenience of having the procedure done, have a major step up in lifestyle quality. I highly recommend this to anybody. In fact, I have already.

- Vernon, grandfather

Sinus Infection Relief in Columbus, IN

Before the procedure, I was having quite a bit of sinus pressure, congestion, drainage. I was having sinus infections maybe three to four times a year. I would typically complete a course of antibiotics, be OK for a few weeks, and then have to go back on the antibiotics again. And, I have taken literally, every decongestant that is on the market, antihistamines, nasal spray, whether it be a steroid nasal spray, or an antihistamine, or a decongestant nasal spray. This is something that I have been dealing with most of my life, and it seemed like there was really no end to it. I decided to have the balloon dilation because I developed another sinus infection, and I just finally thought, "enough." I returned to normal activities in less than 24 hours after the procedure. I had the procedure on a Friday afternoon, and was at work the next morning around 7am. Following the procedure, 

I was able to sleep so much better than prior to the procedure. I remember waking up with a refreshed feeling and feeling like I actually had energy. The procedure affected my quality of life in a positive way. It just gives you an overall sense of well-being and happiness. Being able to sleep good, then wake up in the morning and feel energized, puts you in such a better mood for the entire day.

- Cynthia, lifetime sinus sufferer

Patient Review about Southern Indiana ENT

Before I underwent sinus surgery, congestion plagued my life every day and night. I constantly medicated with over-the-counters just to get through the night, still waking up unable to breathe very clearly the vast majority of days. Prescription antibiotics and steroids would calm the issue, but the sinus infections would return almost instantly after running out of medication. As far as medicating goes, there seemed to be no permanent solution. I was constantly distracted at work, school, and home due to how miserable I felt. There are countless hours of my life that I lost due to decreased productivity because of how drained I was due to shortness of breath and unsatisfying sleep.

However, after having the sinus procedure, my quality of life has improved very significantly. The recovery was nothing difficult and I could get back to most of my daily routine the next day with little complication. Since the surgery, I can now get through the night able to breathe and no longer have feelings of congestion. After sleeping, I feel more rested and can maintain energy much better throughout my long days. Even though, at the time of writing, I am still in the healing process, my life has improved more than I could have ever imagined.

- Jeremy

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