Deviated Septum Treatment in Columbus, IN

What Is a Deviated Septum?

Southern Indiana ENT Sinus & Allergy provides deviated septum diagnosis and treatment in Columbus, IN. The septum is the cartilage wall in between your nasal passages. Most septums have evenly sized nasal passages, but many people experience a deviated nasal septum. When nasal passages are uneven and throw off your septum alignment, we call it a deviated septum. The common condition doesn’t always cause sinus or nasal issues. Severe deviated septum problems often cause nasal passage blockages that disrupt sleep and lead to breathing issues. We’ll determine if you have a deviated septum and find an effective treatment.

What are the Causes of a Deviated Septum?

While some people are born with a deviated septum, others experience trauma to their noses that misalign the septum. If you’ve broken your nose, it can easily damage the septum cartilage. Some lifestyle factors and health issues can also impact the septum and weaken your cartilage.

Signs and Symptoms of a Deviated Septum

A deviated septum can cause multiple health issues. The most common symptoms of a deviated septum include the following:

  • Constant nasal congestion
  • Snoring
  • Nose bleeds
  • Blocked nasal passages
  • Chronic sinusitis

Diagnosis of a Deviated Septum

If you have symptoms of a deviated symptom, it’s essential to meet with our ear, nose, and throat specialists. We will review your medical history and talk about any trauma to your nose. We will examine the septum, sinuses, and nasal cavity tissues to make an informed diagnosis.

Deviated Septum Treatment in Columbus, IN

Treatment of a Deviated Septum

We customize the treatment of a deviated septum to your specific symptoms. A deviated septum sometimes responds to medications, but this will not cause the underlying issue. We often recommend deviated septum surgery, or septoplasty surgery, to correct the root of the cause.

What to Expect with Septoplasty Surgery

A septoplasty involves removing excess cartilage and bone and evening out your nasal passages through a small incision. Septoplasty surgery is minimally invasive and is done under general anesthesia. We hold the bones and cartilage in place with splints and packing material until the septum is stable. If patients elect to combine sinus surgery or rhinoplasty with a deviated septum surgery, there will be visible swelling and bruising for a few weeks.

Deviated Septum Surgery Recovery

Deviated septum surgery recovery time is typically short. We will usually remove your splints a week after surgery. You can return home the same day as the surgery and rest. You may notice fatigue, nasal congestion, and mild drainage for a few days. We will prescribe oral pain medication to minimize discomfort.

Why Choose Southern Indiana ENT Sinus & Allergy?

Southern Indiana ENT Sinus & Allergy is certified as a Center of Excellence by Entellus Medical Company. We are proud to put patients first, customizing treatments to meet your needs. We want you to breathe clearly and never worry about snoring bothering your sleep cycle. We have multiple locations accredited through the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. Visit us at one of our three convenient locations.

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