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Southern Indiana ENT Center of Excellence

As an exemplary medical office, demonstrating excellence in all areas of care and treatment for sinus patients, Southern Indiana ENT has been deemed a Center of Excellence by Entellus Medical.

What does this mean to you, the patient?

With the introduction of office-friendly technologies, Entellus Medical has made it possible for effective sinus treatment to transition from an in-hospital surgery to an in-office procedure, allowing physicians more control and offering patients convenient treatment options.  Balloon sinus dilation has enabled physicians to provide alternative treatments that are more cost-efficient, accessible, and satisfactory for the majority of sinus patients.

There are thousands of specialty physicians across the country who use balloon sinus dilation devices and technology from Entellus Medical.  Among this number are a select few who have met the standards established by Entellus to serve as a demonstration and training site for physicians using Entellus products and procedures.

Southern Indiana ENT has met the standards. Drs. Hollenkamp and Sanders are specialists whose skill and patient success with balloon sinus dilation and coordinated procedures has been designated worthy of distinction as an Entellus Center of Excellence.  They have been selected by Entellus to train other physician specialists in advanced sinus treatment. 

Drs. Hollenkamp and Sanders are some of the few who can offer their patients best practices in procedural techniques and skill for balloon sinus dilation alone or in combination with other techniques, as well as expertise in medicine, patient care, patient rapport, and all services for sinus patients.

What is an Entellus Center of Excellence?

This designation means that Drs. Hollenkamp and Sanders have participated in these Entellus Training and Education programs:

  • Master Procedural Techniques through the Entellus Live Case Center which broadcasts cases live from various offices around the country offering practical how-to guidance and technique for standalone balloon dilation up to cases focusing on more advanced disease by using additional systems and techniques.
  • Technique Refinement through hands-on experience in an Entellus approved training lab to develop and expand knowledge and expertise with Entellus technologies and procedures. 

In addition, Southern Indiana ENT participates as an Entellus Center of Excellence training site for the Peer-to-Peer Education Program which connects physicians with peers who have successfully transitioned sinusitis treatment from an in-hospital setting to an in-office setting.

As a Center of Excellence physician, Drs. Hollenkamp and Sanders provide training and education by hosting fellow ENT specialists in the office to see cases and share best practices on procedural techniques for balloon sinus dilation and on the integration and performance of balloon sinus dilation procedures in the office.

Physicians also learn advanced techniques for treatment of patients with more complex disease, and how to combine additional necessary techniques with balloon sinus dilation to extend the benefits of office-based procedures to a wider group of sinus patients.

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