Allergy Treatment

Sniffling, itching, fatigue. Many common and recurring ear, nose and throat symptoms are caused by allergies. Immunotherapy can help to clear up your allergies and allow you to begin to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Allergy Testing

Southern Indiana ENT offers on-site allergy testing to determine the exact cause of your allergies. Our team of allergy specialists will work with you to develop an individual treatment plan to calm and alleviate your symptoms.

Allergy Drops

Oral allergy drops work to treat the cause of environmental allergies instead of covering up symptoms for a short period of time like over-the-counter medications. Oral allergy drops provide long-lasting relief.

Drops containing small amounts of allergens – such as grasses, pollen or mold – work to safely and effectively desensitize your body to react less over time. Simply apply orally as directed by your Southern Indiana ENT allergy care specialist.

Parents: No Fuss Allergy Management for Kids!

  • No more missed days of school, early checkouts or late check-ins.
  • No more painful shots.
  • No more needle pricks.

Allergy drops provide effective allergy management with no fuss. Happy kids. Happy parents. Call or contact Southern Indiana ENT today.

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Convenient Pre-Op and Follow-Up Blood Work

Southern Indiana ENT is now a "blood draw station." You can have your pre-op blood work or your follow-up appointment blood work at Southern Indiana ENT. Best of all – it takes just a few minutes!

Young mom with two small children, all happy because of new allergy drops.

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"I Returned to Normal Activities in Less Than 24 Hours."

Following the procedure, I was able to sleep so much better than prior to the procedure. I remember waking up with a refreshed feeling and feeling like I actually had energy. The procedure affected my quality of life in a positive way.

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